Is Aarya Season 3 Coming in 2023? Release Date, Teaser, Storyline and Performing Cast!

Aarya is a crime-thriller drama series that came out in June 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. It is about a girl named Aarya Sareen, who is played by Sushmita Sen. The show became known around the world when it was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of best Drama series.

Based on the Dutch series Penoza, Aarya is about a woman who wants to get back at the people who killed her husband by joining a mafia gang. Things don’t go as planned, though, because she also has to care for her three young children.

Aarya Season 3 Expected Release Date

The exact date for Season 3 of Aarya has not yet been set. It should be available on Disney+ Hostar in June 2023. The OTT company announced on July 4, 2022, that Aarya will have a third season.

In season 1, there were 9 episodes, and in season 2, there were 8 episodes. So, we can assume that the third season will be the same. Most likely, there will still be between 8 and 9 shows. The average length of each show will be between 40 and 50 minutes, just like in the past seasons.

Sushmita Sen gave us a look at the third season’s set in December 2022. There, she was with Ram Madhavani, his wife Amrita, and Sikander Kher. This means that they are already shooting, which was revealed in January 2023.

Where to Watch Aarya Season 3? 

Aarya is only on Hotstar. You can watch the first two seasons of a show all at once on a streaming service. The third season will also be available on the site and nowhere else. Aarya is one of the best Indian OTT crime tales. So, please do.

What Will Be the Plot of Aarya Season 3?

The third season of Aarya will continue where the second season left off. We saw that Nandini’s husband is back from Germany in the last scene of the eighth show. He went back to Rajasthan and gave Aarya a quick call to let her know he was coming back. He doesn’t bring good news, so Aarya Sareen’s life is going to get harder.

We shouldn’t forget that she took Sooraj’s kids and held them at gunpoint to free his dad’s accountant. She also helps Sooraj’s wife, Nandini, getaway. He will definitely get back at you for this. All of the episodes have been about keeping the family safe. We know that Aarya wouldn’t have done anything to hurt his kids or wife, but Sooraj won’t get that. “Protecting your family” is the main idea behind the whole series.

Is Aarya Season 3 Coming in 2023?

As we saw with Sangram, just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean they will fight with you in this war. Sooraj’s story is sure to have a lot of changes and twists. Aarya will have to get her tools together and keep her loyal followers close. This lioness has been fighting alone up until now, but it’s likely that the danger is now bigger and closer.

In the last episode, we saw that all of the enemies were celebrating Holi on the same ground, which was funny. Holi is usually played with a lot of different colors, but this time they were all red. This is a sign of many things, like how bad things are about to get or how close they’ve all been to dying. We can also think of it as a warning for the next season. Hina also has a lot of bad feelings toward Aarya, and it’s possible that she’ll join forces with the bad guys to get what she wants.

Aru has been trying to deal with her sadness, and so far she has tried to kill herself twice. The past keeps coming back to haunt this young girl, and she needs her mother more than ever. Virti Vaghani has done a great job in her part, and in the coming seasons, a lot is expected of her. Even Adi, Aarya’s smallest child, feels upset. Overall, Aarya has been busy trying to keep her children alive, but they still seem to be in a lot of pain. Let’s hope that her kids get better in Season 3.

Aarya Season 3 Cast 

For the next season, we can expect to see all the main characters who didn’t die in the first and second seasons. Here is a list of the actors:

  • Sushmita Sen as Aarya Sareen
  • Chandrachur Singh as Tej Sareen
  • Sikandar Kher as Daulat
  • Ankur Bhatia as Sangram Singh Rathore
  • Alexx ONell as Bob Wilson
  • Namit Das as Jawahar Bishnoi
  • Manish Choudhary as Shekhawat
  • Akash Khurana as Udayveer Shekhawat

Is There Any Trailer for Aarya Season 3?

There are no movies or teasers for the third season yet because it is still being made. But Disney+ Hotstar put out a short movie that said the third season was in the works.

Who is Suraj in Aarya Season 3?

As the actors are all very alike, there is one question that can’t be avoided: who will play Sooraj? The group hasn’t found out who it is yet. People who want to meet Sooraj have to have faith that the season will be updated. For the third season, the cast and the people who make the show are re-energizing and talking about what they like through web-based entertainment.

Sushmita Sen talks about how excited she is for the new time of her successful show by saying, “It’s another day off for Aarya Sareen, and she’s wild. In season 3 of Aarya, she is moving toward good things and starting her own story, free from the things from the past that held her back.

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Getting back into the part of Aarya is like putting on your old jeans for a new trip. It’s great to be back with Ram Madhvani and the other people who work on Disney+ Disney+ Hotstar. She also said, “I’m thankful for the love and support I got from viewers in seasons one and two, and I’m looking forward to what season three will bring.”


Aarya is a crime-thriller drama series on Disney+ Hotstar, based on the Dutch series Penoza. It is about a woman who joins a mafia gang to get back at the people who killed her husband. Aarya’s main idea is to protect her family, but the danger is bigger and closer. Hina has bad feelings towards Aarya, Aru has tried to kill herself twice, and Virti Vaghani has done a great job in her part. Sushmita Sen is excited for the third season of Aarya, and is thankful for the love and support from viewers in seasons one and two.
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