Bad Girl Club Audition 2023: How to Apply For Bad Girl Club?

BGC, which stands for “Bad Girl Club,” is a real American TV show made by Jonathan Murray for the Oxygen network in the United States. The show was mostly about the fights and physical interactions of seven strong, loud, and aggressive women.

They were called “alluring and intense chicks” on the show. The actors, who were seen as “troublemakers,” would live in a fancy chateau for a quarter of a year as long as they followed the rules. An artistic group kept track of what they did inside and outside the house.

Bad Girl Club Audition 2023

Audition for Bad Girl Club: Bad Girl Club was shown on MTV Australia, RTL 5 in the Netherlands, and TV11 in Sweden, in addition to the US. If a group member broke the rules for making the show.

She was taken off the show, and another cast member often took her place. The fourth season was the arrangement’s “leap forward season” because it was the first time that Oxygen had an average of more than one million viewers for each show.

You’re calling up all the Bad Girls! Is it true that you’re ready for your chance to be on the show “Bad Girl Club” on the Oxygen network? The show’s casting directors are currently having in-person auditions for the arrangement.

The casting team is looking all over the country for the next group of Bad Girls for the 16th season of the show, which will stick to the East Coast vs. the West Coast theme.

The following month, auditions will be held in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Phoenix.

How to Apply For Bad Girl Club?

  • Between June and July, tryouts for “Bad Girl Club” are being held in a few cities. Women who want to try out for the show can come.
  • To be considered and to try out, you must be at least 21 years old. Anyone who wants to come must bring a picture ID with them. If you want to be considered for the show, you should go to one of the throwing calls listed below. If you go to an interview, you should bring a current shot of yourself and a photo ID.
  • Make sure to bring them, because you can’t try them out without them.

About Bad Girls Club 2023

  • The 16th period of the show will be all about East Coast vs. West Coast. These “territorial divas” will be proud to show off their home area.
  • If you are independent, stubborn, honest, or endlessly interesting, you may have what it takes to be a member of the Bad Girls Club from a rare East Coast vs. West Coast era.
  • If a group member does something violent or breaks another rule, they could be removed from the show, which is what the producers do.
  • Security guards step in when fights get too rough. Some of the reasons why people move out are harassment, isolation, growing apart from other housemates, problems at home, or court processes.
  • Each season, a lot of bad girls leave. If a bad guy quits right at the beginning of the season, another one shows up within a couple of acts. Usually, new roommates are made to feel uncomfortable.

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How Do You Get on Bad Girls Club 2023?

  • Go to the site for Bunim/Murray Productions. Bunim/Murray Productions is the company that makes popular movies like Bad Girls Club and dozens of others.
  • Put up your best pictures. The form asks you to send three, so be smart about what you choose. Most of the time, the Bad Girls house is full of pretty women with big.
  • Fill out the form to enter. Even though this form isn’t very long, you should set aside at least half an hour to fill it out.


The Oxygen network is currently having in-person auditions for the 16th season of “Bad Girl Club” on the East Coast vs. the West Coast theme. To be considered, applicants must be at least 21 years old and bring a picture ID. The 16th season of Bad Girls Club 2023 is about East Coast vs. West Coast, and members must be independent, stubborn, honest, or interesting to be accepted.

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