Bama Rush Documentary Release Date 2023: Where Can We Watch Bama Rush Documentary?

The University of Alabama’s sorority recruitment, Bama Rush, also known as #BamaRush and #RushTok on TikTok, has finally made it into the social media zeitgeist, which was bound to happen given how quickly it took over the platform in the summer of 2021. Last year, a few thousand fresh-faced students wearing Kendra Scott jewelry swayed from house to house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, while millions of TikTok users watched and waited for the coveted bid that many of these young girls would or would not get.

Last August, as our “season 2” “BamaRush” stars came back from their sorority retreats and put on their favorite Lululemon tights for the first week of class, HBOMax and Vice Studios announced that a documentary about the indoctrinated Greek life recruitment process was on the way. Now, Max (which used to be HBO Max) has announced the documentary’s official release date and given us a clip as well.

Bama Rush Documentary Release Date

On May 23, the documentary Bama Rush will be shown. We’re already getting ready for the TikTok posts that will talk about what the series will look into.

Where to Watch the Bama Rush Doc?

The Bama Rush doc is being made by Vice Studios for Max. The sorority documentary will premiere on the famous streaming service and be available to watch there.

What is the Plot of Bama Rush Doc?

As was said before, Vice Studios will make the Bama Rush documentary for HBO Max, and Rachel Flit (Introducing, Selma Blair) will direct it. The film is going to follow Alabama’s recruiting process from start to finish. In a comment to The New York Times, Fleit said, “This film is a thoughtful and compassionate look at young women in 2022 as they rush the sorority system at the University of Alabama.”

The Times says that the documentary will follow several women from the University of Alabama and “explore college life, sisterhood, and all the joys and complexities of what it means to be a young woman today.” The documentary is being made at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where rush week just ended.

Who Are the Cast Members of the Bama Rush Doc?

Even though the trailer shows three girls who want to join a sorority going through rush and talking about their own experiences, they don’t say their names. But we can be sure that these three will be in charge of the story and talk about the whole rush process.

Kylan Darnell, who will be Miss Ohio Teen USA in 2022, was the clear gem of rush week this past year. Kylan’s content was the most popular, with over 50 million views over the course of the week. Her signature, “Have a great day, not just a good day,” was a big part of this. PNMs like Gracyn Edmondson, Madison Towner, Shelby Rose, and Grant Sikes were also there with Kylan.

This year, Grant, a student who doesn’t identify with either gender, was called “the main character of Bama Rush” by fans. Grant made a lot of TikTok users sad when she said that she had been cut from the Panhellenic process right before “pref round.” Grant wrote on her blog that she had been kicked out of all 19 sororities on college and would no longer be taking part in rush week. Even though Grant was cut, it is still possible that she could show up in the documentary and talk about her experience in more depth.

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Is There Any Trailer for the Bama Rush Doc?

Final Words

The University of Alabama’s sorority recruitment, Bama Rush, has made it into the social media zeitgeist, and a documentary about the process is being made by Vice Studios for HBO Max. It will explore college life, sisterhood, and the joys and complexities of being a young woman. Kylan Darnell, Gracyn Edmondson, Madison Towner, Shelby Rose, and Grant Sikes will be featured in the documentary Bama Rush.

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