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The process for making outpatient appointments at Banaras Hindu University BHU Hospital is now done online. This post goes through each step of how to make an appointment at the BHU Trauma Center and at the BHU SSH OPD. Please read this piece first if you are having trouble making a reservation. Most of the questions you have will be answered.
Banaras Hindu University has set up a website where his appointments at Sir Sunderlal Hospital can be made online. This portal was made so that people who come to OPD can use its services.

As you know, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, all hospitals and medical centers are sending care and education to OPD. Most of the biggest places, like PGI Chandigarh and BHU Hospital, have started letting people sign up for his OPD online. To see an OPD doctor for these patients, he must make an online appointment with BHU OPD. OPD means that a patient meets with a doctor outside for care. Some people who have been sick for a long time and go to the doctor every month may need an appointment in the Outpatient Department (OPD).

BHU OPD Online Registration Link 2023

Today, we are here to tell you about the BHU OPD Online Registration 2023. This guide tells you how to visit Banaras Hindu University Sir Sunderlal Hospital and how to get an OPD token before you go. You can make a reservation for BHU OPD on the official website. To get the OPD, you have to sign up by going to the Sir Sundaral Hospital website. This article gives a short summary of the whole process of registering.

Banaras Hindu University is a big medical school in Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as Kashi Hindu University. He should go to OPD first if he wants help in this area. OPD is mostly for people who work outside. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all OPDs have now stopped, but they have all begun again. The best place to sign up for your online counseling meetings is on the website for the BHU OPD. We have made it easy for you to get in touch with our counselors by giving you an online form that you can fill out at any time of the day or night.

Steps for BHU OPD Online Registration

  • First, go to the site where you can register online for the BHU OPD. You can also click here:
  • The screen will show a home page. The link to Sir Sunderlal Hospital is on the home page.
  • After that, click on “See Services” to see all of the services that the site has to offer.
  • Now you can see that there are two choices for services: general OPD booking and student/staff OPD booking.
  • Then, choose the right one by clicking on it. Your screen will show you a new page.
  • There are two choices on the page: “Select Category” and “select department.”
  • Then, there are a lot of departments to choose from in the “Departments” area.
  • Then, pick the items you want from the drop-down menu and click “check.” On the right side of the page, all the open spots will be shown.

BHU OPD Online Appointment Booking

Look at the steps below to make a BHU OPD online appointment:

BHU OPD Online Registration Link 2023

  • Follow the steps below after you have filled out the registration form and chosen the field.
  • Here, you can choose the date and time you need the meeting for. click on “go on.”
  • Now, on the page, you will see a sign-up form that asks you to fill in information about the patient.
  • Now, fill out the registration form with information about the patient and click “Continue.”
  • On your computer, a payment portal will open, where they will ask for the Payment Appointment fees.
  • After that, pay the fees and save the receipt for the meeting for future use. This form can also be printed.
  • If you can not download the receipt for the meeting right after making the payment. There is another way to check, which is shown below.
  • To download the fee proof, go to the BHU OPD Online registration services page, click the print appointment option, and enter the patient’s email address and phone number.

Download BHU OPD Online Registration App

The BHU has also made an app that can be used to sign up and book a room. With this tool, it is easier for the BHU OPD to do online work. So, it is easy to sign up, and you can also get the app for it.

  • To get the app, go to the Google Play store and look for “BHU OPD Online Registration.”
  • You can also click on this straight link:
  • You can look for the game on the Play Store search engine. The app is called SSH IMS BHU. So, search for IMS BHU to find the app.
  • Now you will see a page with the app on it. Click the “Install” button.
  • Now, to make a meeting, follow the steps above for how to sign up.
  • After that, it will be easy to book your meeting through the app.
  • After you have paid for the meal, you can download it.

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