Dolly Chaiwala Net Worth 2023: Dolly Ki Tapri Income, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Biography

Dolly Chaiwala is the most well-known tea seller in Nagpur. He is known all over India and the world for the unique way he makes and serves tea. Because of how swaggy and cool he dresses, he has become a star. “Dolly ki Tapri” is a small tea shop on Ravindra Nath Tagore Marg in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The twist is that Dolly’s real name is not Dolly, but Sunil Patil. Sunil was born in 1998 to a Hindu family. He went to a government school in his town to learn. Sunil quit school after the 10th grade so he could help support his family. He started selling tea instead.

Dolly’s style comes from Rajinikanth, who is a South Indian movie star. Students know him best, and they often call him Johnny Depp. His way of living and the way he looks are both stylish. He always rides his KTM motorcycle to Tapri and wears a long Bluetooth and gloves. He wears a red ponytail on his long hair.

Dolly Chaiwala Net Worth 2023

According to sources, His chai starts at 7 rupees per cup, and a Times of India story says that he sells between 3500 and 5000 cups every day. So, we can say that he earns between $15,000 and $35,000 per day, at most. He has more than 7 Lakh rupees in cash.

Dolly Chaiwala Real Name

Dolly Chaiwala hates when people call her “bhaiya.” Students know him best, and because of how he looks, they say he looks like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean. But Sunil Patil, who is known as Dolly Chaiwala, is the real person behind the character.

Dolly Ki Tapri Chaiwala Biography

Dolly quit school after 10th grade because his family didn’t have enough money. He then went to work selling tea. She gives her customer a cup of tea in a very stylish way. People liked the way she made tea, and when she shared videos of herself making tea on social media, everyone liked those videos, and she became very well-known. Then more and more people came to his tea shop. Dolly is also used in a lot of YouTube movies.

Dolly Chaiwala Lifestyle

Dolly is known for how nice he is and how well he serves tea. His hair is now long. He has on sunglasses and other things. He likes to have fun and does all kinds of fun things to keep his customers interested and happy.

Dolly Chaiwala Net Worth 2023

He seems to enjoy giving his customers cigarettes and tea, putting milk into the big bowl, lighting their cigarettes with the gas lighter, balancing the teacups (glasses), and moving his arms and feet in a stylish way. And the people around him are always happy and excited about him.

Dolly Ki Tapri Chaiwala Personal Life

Dolly was born in 1998 in the Indian city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, to a middle-class Hindu family. 2022 says that he is now 24 years old. He is an Indian citizen. Dolly is a Hindu, and Virgo is his astrological sign.

Dolly went to a government school in Nagpur to finish high school. But because his family didn’t have much money, he stopped going to school after the 10th grade and started selling tea.

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How does Dolly Chaiwala Look?

Dolly has a great look, and his style is one of a kind. He is thin and has long, colored hair that covers most of his head. He wears sunglasses, Bluetooth earphones with only one side working, rings around his neck, and a lot of bands on his wrists. In terms of the color of his skin, it is dark.


Dolly Chaiwala is a well-known tea seller in Nagpur, Maharashtra, who is known for her unique style of making and serving tea. Sunil Patil is the real person behind the character and has a net worth of over 7 Lakh rupees. Dolly Ki Tapri Chaiwala is a 24-year-old Indian citizen who is known for his friendly service of tea. He has long, colored hair, sunglasses, Bluetooth earphones, rings, and bands.

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