George Santos Net Worth 2023: Bio, Forbes Net Worth, Early Career, Relationship Story

George Anthony Devolder Santos was born on 22 July 1988, his birthplace is Brazil but currently lives in the USA. And their siblings to Fátima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder and Gercino Antônio dos Santos Jr. (known as Junior), both of whom were born in Brazil. His maternal grandparents, Paulo Horta Devolder and Rosalina Caruso Horta Devolder, were also born in Brazil.

Now, George Santos is an American politician and a candidate for the upcoming general election or the House of Representatives. He is a candidate for the Third District of New York. He is a conservative politician. He won the Conservative primary election on June 23, 2020. He is still a New Yorker and his job is an economist.

George Santos Bio

George Santos was born in Brazil on 22 July 1988. In recent times, he is living in New York City, United States of America. Santos holds a GED (Certificate of High School Equivalency). He attended Intermediate School (also known as I.S. 125 Thomas J. McCann Woodside Intermediate School) in Woodside, Queens, and Primary School (also known as P.S.122 The Mamie Fay School) in Astoria, Queens.

His College Education was completed in 2010 by Baruch College. He did a study from the economic side and became a politician man.

George Santos’s Net Worth Forbes 2023

George Santos’s net worth is $49 million USD. With over $7 million in annual income, George Santos is one of the richest politicians in the United States. George Santos is an American politician who is the U.S. representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district, serving since 2023.

According to the Source, you can see the net worth of George Santos. This is the area of net worth through the years.

In Years In Million Dollars
George Santos’s Net Worth 2023 $ 49 Million
George Santos’s Net Worth 2022 $ 42 Million
George Santos’s Net Worth 2021 $ 35 Million
George Santos’s Net Worth 2020 $ 26 Million
George Santos’s Net Worth 2019 $ 19 Million
George Santos’s Net Worth 2018 $ 18 Million

George Santos Status

As New York Rep-elect George Santos answers questions about false claims regarding everything from his work experience to his heritage, you may be wondering how much the Republican politician is actually worth.

Santos told the New York Post that he made millions of dollars selling second-hand luxury goods, but, to date, has not produced documentation of the business. In a New York Post article, Santos claimed to have grown up in “abject poverty.”

Category Status
Full Name George Anthony Devolder Santos
Nick Name George Santos
Birthdate 22 July 1988
Age 34 years old
Gender Male
Resident America
Profession Politician
Net Worth  See Ahead
Education Baruch College, 2010

Early Career’s George Santos

He left Brazil while a check fraud case against him there was ongoing and moved to New York City. From October 2011 to July 2012, Santos worked as a customer service representative at a call center for Dish Network in College Point, Queens.

The New York Times verified that, sometime after 2013, Santos worked for HotelsPro, a subsidiary of Istanbul, Turkey-headquartered MetGlobal. In early 2016, Santos moved to Orlando, Florida, where HotelsPro was opening an office. He registered to vote and changed his driver’s license to his Florida residence.

Beginning in 2017, using the name George Devolder, Santos worked in an unconfirmed capacity for LinkBridge Investors, a small company that “hosts closed-door conferences” for investors.

His 2019 campaign disclosure form and a company document list him as a vice president, but that same year the company president testified in a lawsuit that he was a freelancer who worked on commission. A press release for the company referred to him as its New York regional director.

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Santos’s Relationship Story

His Wife is Uadla Vieira(August 2, 2012 – September 2019) (divorced).The George Santos friendship between them now stays strong at this moment. In George Santos’s relationship, there are no indicators of conflicts or issues. George Santos still has a passion and respect for their partner that is reciprocal.


1- George Santos is married or not?

          Yes, he is married to a man, he had taken to divorce his wife in 2019

           and again did marriage.

2- What is the total net worth of George Santos?

          His net worth is $ 49 Million.

3- When was born of George Santos?

          He was born on 22 July 1988 in Brazil but currently lives in new york city.


As a U.S. Representative, Santos also earned an annual salary of $174,000 in 2022. Santos, who currently serves in the House of Representatives representing the third congressional district, which comprises communities largely on the North Shore of Long Island, is up for re-election in 2023.

According to reports, his disclosure report also business lists interest ranging from $1 million to $5 million. For more updates, know at

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