IPL Middle Stump Price 2023: Which Bowler Broke the Stumps Twice in One Match?

Fans and people watching from the stands love to see a fast bowler knock down the stumps while beating the batters with speed. This is their favorite thing to see, even more than when batters hit huge, towering Sixes.

With the LED stumps, the destruction of the stumps is not only more exciting for the fans, but it’s also a nice sight for the bowlers, who rarely get to see something like that, especially in the T20 version.

But the fast bowler gets a special thrill and a rush of energy that can’t be matched when he breaks one of these LED stumps into two pieces not once, but twice in a row.

During the recently finished match between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, Punjab left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh dug in those fierce Yorkers and broke the middle stump twice, giving his team a 13-run win.

IPL Middle Stumps Price 2023 in Indian Rupees

Because of this, the stumps had to be changed twice in the last Over. This made the fans wonder how much these LED stumps used in Cricket games cost.

Several news sources say that each of the three stumps or the set of stumps at both ends of the field costs about INR 25 Lakh. Also, the Zing bails, which sit on top of the stumps and light up when the ball or a player hits them, cost around INR 50,000.

So, during a match, the two sets of stumps at each end cost at least INR 50 Lakh.

Even though these stumps are an expensive purchase, the biggest benefit of having them is that they make it easier (most of the time) to make the right call, especially when the third umpire has to decide on a close run out or stumping call.

Which Bowler Broke the Stumps Twice in One Match?

In the last over of a game against Mumbai, bowler Arshdeep broke the stumps twice. Arshdeep broke the middle stump for the first time. On the third ball of the last over, he clean-bowled Tilak Verma. Then, when Nehal Vadra was out with the fourth ball, another stump was broken. Punjab beat Mumbai by 13 runs, and Arshdeep’s showing was a big part of that.

Who Invent LED Zing Bails?

Bronte EcKermann, an Australian mechanical engineer, came up with the idea for the led stumps bails, which were a big hit. In 2012, the Big Bash League used LED Zing bails for the first time. After three years of intensive study, the technology was put into use. It has since become one of the most important inventions in the history of cricket.

When Did ICC Introduce LED Zing Bails?

During the finals of the U-19 Cricket World Cup in UAE, the International Cricket Council used bails for the first time. Later, these bails were used for other games like the Champions Trophy and the T20 World Cup.

One of the main reasons cricket bails are so pricey is that the stumps and bails come from Australia, and the import-export duties are different in each country, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. If the price of buying bails with taxes is $15,000, raise the total price to between $25,000 and $30,000 in the country.

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