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The government of Telangana State has tried to help the brides and women of the state. The TS government started the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme to give all women in the state more power. Today, in the How to Apply Kalyana Lakshmi piece, we will talk about some special details, such as the application process, Required Documents, Eligibility Criteria, Application Status, and all other application-related things.

On October 2, 2014, the Telangana government started the Kalyana Laxmi plan. It is a plan to help people in Telangana get married by giving them money. The Kalyana Laxmi program gives money to the bride’s family if they are from the Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, or Scheduled Tribes. Help money will only be put in the account of the bride’s mother.

Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme 2023

The Telangana government made the Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme for the year 2023 to show that women are no longer a burden on their families. By putting this plan into action, girls in Telangana state who are about to get married will be able to get a lot of benefits. Incentives, like money, will be put in the bank account of the bride’s mother so that the wedding of the bride can go easily and without any property problems.

The Objective of Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme

The goal of the Kalyana Lakshmi plan is to help SC, ST, and minority brides with money. If this plan goes as planned, money will be sent to the mother’s bank account when the girl gets married. The Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme is only for women who are 18 or older. It will help stop girls from getting married too young and improve their education. The Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme would give women more power and help them become financially secure.

Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Benefits

  • The Kalyana Lakshmi plan was made by the government of Telangana for SC, ST, and minority families.
  • Under this plan, cash help will be given to the people who need it.
  • The program was started in 2014.
  • At first, in 2014, the government gave a loan of Rs. 51, 000.
  • The amount of money given out by this plan has gone up to Rs 75116 and Rs 100116 in 2017 and 2018, respectively.
  • By using the direct benefit transfer method, the money goes straight into the bank account of the recipient’s mother.
  • With the help of this plan, women will gain freedom and power.
  • This plan will also stop girls from getting married too young and raise the number of girls who can read and write.
  • If you want to join the Kalyana Lakshmi plan, you have to go to the official website.
  • You can apply for this plan both online and in person.
  • This plan is only good for people who live in Telangana.
  • Brides who live below the poverty line are the only ones who can apply for this plan.
  • For this plan to work, the woman must be at least 18 years old.
  • To get help from the Kalyana Lakshmi plan, the person who needs it must also meet certain income requirements.

How to Apply Kalyana Laxmi Scheme in Telangana 2023?

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme 2023

Make sure you have all the documents listed in this piece before you go to apply for it. Once you have everything, you can download and print this OFFLINE KALYANA LAKSHMI registration form. Fill out the TS Kalyana Laxmi entry form with the information it asks for. If you have questions about the application form, you can watch the Telugu-language YouTube video linked to at the end of the piece.

Steps To Apply Kalyana Lakshmi Online In Telangana

  • Keep the documents mentioned in this piece on hand.
  • Fill out the VRO and RI Verification Offline Application Form.
  • VRO could be checked by coming to your house and getting proof from the people who live nearby. (This process could be different based on the application form you fill out).
  • After the VRO checks your Kalyana Lakshmi application, you have to go to the Revenue Office to have the Revenue Inspector check it. Offline applications for Kalyana Lakshmi need to be checked and signed by both the VRO and the RI of your mandal.
  • Once the offline application is done, you need to bring the hard copy of the Kalyana Lakshmi application to the nearest Meeseva Center.
  • People from Meeseva will turn your paper application into an online one.
  • The marriage id for kalyana lakshmi pathakam will be sent to you once your online application is complete.
  • After that, you have to print out your online application and send it to the Mandal Revenue Office in your area.
  • Depending on how the budget is set up and how the Treasury works, your Kalyana amount will be put into the bank account of the bride’s mother.

Online Application Process for Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam

  • Go To Official Portal – EPASS Telangana
  • You can click on the Kalyana Lakshmi link on your home page.
  • Click here for the Direct link
  • The registration form will show up as shown in the pictures below.
  • Fill out the application form with your information.
  • The following details are required to fill out the basic Kalyana Lakshmi Application
    Personal Details of Candidate
    Annual Income Details
    Caste Details (Creamy layer/Non-creamy layer)
    Current Residence Address
    Permanent Residence Address
    Bride’s Bank account details (For orphans it is mandatory)
    Bride’s Mother’s bank account details

How to Check Application for Kalyana Lakshmi Online?

  • Telangana’s official EPASS site can be found here.
  • Choose “Kalyana Laxmi/Shadi Mubharak”
  • Choose the choice to upload/edit on the screen.
  • Type in your Marriage ID and the phone number you registered with.
  • Click the button that says Details

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