Kedar Jadhav Net Worth 2023, IPL Salary, Assets, Net Worth Growth and Cricket Career

Indian cricket player Kedar Jadhav has a net worth of about $6 Million. Indian bowler Kedar Jadhav was born on March 26, 1987, in Maharashtra. Kedar Jadhav plays for both his home team, Maharashtra, and the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. Kedar Jadhav is one of these players. He joined the Indian team at the age of 29, which shows how hard he has worked to get there.

Today, you will learn about Kedar Jadhav, an Indian bowler. Kedar Jadhav is a bowler who has made a place for himself in the hearts of all Indians by playing well in his first few games. However, Kedar Jadhav’s entry into the Indian team was not easy, and he had to wait a long time for it. did. This is why you should know about the Indian cricket player Kedar Jadhav and his journey.

Here, we’ll talk about Kedar Jadhav’s career as a member of the Indian Team, his accomplishments and records, his businesses, and, most importantly, how much he makes and how much money he has. Mr. Kedar Jadhav started playing cricket as an off-break right-handed batsman and bowler for the Indians. He was the captain of the Indian Cricket team. Under his leadership, India hit great heights and became one of the toughest teams in the world.

Kedar Jadhav Net Worth 2023

According to Source, Mr. Kedar Jadhav has a net worth of about 6 million USD, which is equal to 47 crores rupees in Indian money. He got this huge amount of money from his income from BCCI, contracts with IPL, and his own businesses.

Kedar Jadhav IPL Salary

Kedar Jadhav has also made money from the match money he earned when he played cricket for his country on the world stage. International events cost between 5 and 8 million Indian Rupees (INR) right now, and that doesn’t include prizes for Man of the Match and other awards.

Kedar Jadhav gets paid (BCCI pay) for what he does for the Indian national team. He is on the list of contracted players that the BCCI keeps track of. He is a Grade C player and gets Rs. 1 crore in retainer money every year.

When taxes are taken out, Kedar Jadhav’s pay with the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League is £196,000 (20,000,000). Kedar Jadhav has made a total of £3,360,420 in their work, which is the same as Rs. 342,900,000. Kedar Jadhav was born in India. He hits with his right hand and bowls with his right arm.

Jadhav bats with his right hand and throws off-breaks with his right arm. He makes more money than any Indian Premier League player who isn’t called Virat Kohli. He makes more money than any other player in the league.

In 2009, Jadhav started his journey as a professional cricket player by signing an Rs. 6 lakh contract with the Royal Challengers Bangalore. During the 2010 Indian Premier League, he was traded to the Delhi Daredevils for Rs. 8 lakh. This was after he had become a well-known star.

During the 2011 Indian Premier League season, he was bought by the Kochi Tuskers Kerala for Rs. 20 lakh.

During the 2013 Indian Premier League season, he played for the Delhi Daredevils and made 20 million rupees a month. He was on DD’s team for the entire Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013 and IPL 2015 seasons.

His next team was Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he played in 2016 and 2017.

After buying him for Rs. 7.80 for both the 2019 and 2020 Indian Premier League seasons, the Chennai Super Kings decided to keep him. Sunrisers Hyderabad bought the player in order to get ready for IPL 2021.

Kedar Jadhav Assets

In the Indian city of Pune, Maharashtra, Kedar Jadhav owns a high-end, stylish home. Also, Kedar Jadhav owns several pieces of real estate all over the country. The number of cars that Kedar Jadhav owns is not very big. Kedar Jadhav owns some of the world’s best expensive cars. One of the cars Kedar Jadhav owns is a Mercedes SUV.

Expected Net Worth Growth

Estimated Net worth in 2023 Rs. 47 Crore
Estimated Net worth in 2022 Rs. 40 Crore
Estimated Net worth in 2021 Rs. 33 Crore
Estimated Net worth in 2020 Rs. 27 Crore

Biography of Kedar Jadhav

Mahadev Jadhav is Kedar Jadhav’s father. He was known for his smokey batting and used to work in a power department. The same is true of his home mother Mandakiri Jadhav. He also has an older sister named Smita Jadhav who lives with Jadhav’s family. But if we’re talking about Kedar Jadhav’s early schooling, MIT High School was where he went. Kedar Jadhav stayed a good student because of this.

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Kedar Jadhav Career

Since he was a kid, Kedar Jadhav and his friends would play cricket on the street because he liked the sport. Kedar Jadhav loved cricket so much that he started playing it with anything. This led to Kedar Jadhav starting to make a career out of cricket, and in 2004, he joined the Maharashtra cricket team. He was asked to join, and because of how well he did, he was given a chance to play cricket even more.

Kedar Jadhav Net Worth 2023

Kedar Jadhav was still not a full member of the Indian cricket team, but 2010 gave him new hope. He was put on the 2010 IPL team Delhi Daredevils because he scored a half-century against RCB in the first match for his IPL team, Delhi Daredevils. This caught the attention of all the coaches.

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Kedar Jadhav got to play for his home team, the Maharashtra cricket team, in the 2012 Ranji Trophy. There, he scored a great three-hundreds and showed everyone how good he was. But even after this, he didn’t make the Indian cricket team. Kedar Jadhav didn’t give up and paid more attention to the small details of his game. When he played for the Maharashtra team in the Ranji Trophy in 2013 and 2014, he pushed the selectors to put him on the Indian team. This showed how hard he had worked. And Kedar Jadhav got the chance he had been looking for to play cricket on an international level.

Kedar Jadhav’s performance caught the eye of the selectors. On November 16, 2014, he made his ODI debut against the Sri Lankan team, where he continued to play well. Kedar Jadhav left an impression on the hearts of the Indian people. Because of this, Kedar Jadhav’s T20 career began on July 17, 2015, against the Zimbabwe cricket team. Kedar Jadhav added a lot to the Indian cricket team with his batting and bowling, and everyone watched him. attracted.

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