How Much is Rob Strasser Net Worth When He Died? Check Out His Death Secrets!

In this article, I will provide basic information about how Rob Strasser became successful in his early life. An American man Rob was a business executive and lawyer. He worked at Nike Sports Company as an Advertising manager.

As Phil Knight was a founder in the 20th century and Rob Strasser was known to him. Both worked with dedication in the company. After Some time, the company is generating high revenue in Japan, China, Germany, etc. Guys, you want to know about Rob’s death. Read the whole article. A true answer is in the article.

About Bio

Rob Strasser was an American Business Executive and advertising manager. He was born in Milwaukie, the City of Wisconsin. Which was nearby born when India was independent. Rob Strasser studied at Willamette University, his life was very Short but early life, he did something bold.

He became a Lawyer and advertising manager at Nike Sports Company. Rob Strasser was known to Phil Knight, Now, Rob is no more. He was a great man of America. In a few times, he became the greatest man in mankind’s history.

Rob Strasser’s Net Worth

Rob earned a number of money in his professional career. But the net worth of Rob Strasser is unpredictable at this moment. It can’t define, how much net worth he left for his family.

According to the Net Worth Post, I found his net worth of $ 2,50,000 USD Dollars. He made this net worth by working smart, being full of dedication, lawyer profession, and also advertising manager.

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Rob Strasser Career, Education, And Skills

Talking About his education, Rob was a very well-educated man in the American history of mankind. According to the sources, Rob attended a local school and accomplished his high school education. Later Rob enrolled himself at Willamette University.

He pursued law at Willamette University and his career journey was an attractive one. Rob was a famous American Business executive and Advertising manager at Nike. Sometimes, he worked as a lawyer in Portland.

Career Journey in Nike, Rob worked as the executive of Nike. He played a role in assisting the brand to succeed. He gained a lot of fame and honor for all his contributions to Nike.

Later, Rob became the CEO of the ADIDAS Company, and he made the company profitable. Adidas, Puma, and Nike are one of the top brands in the world. People wear to like the most.

Rob’s Strasser Personal Life: Parents, Wife, Children

According to various online sources, Rob and Julie made their love story true. Rob was dating his wife and they did marriage in 1982. They have one daughter and name his daughter Avery. Rob Strasser’s parents were living with that.

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But Rob died in his early life because of a health issue. Do you want to know how he died early? Let’s see in the next Paragraph.

Rob Strasser Death Secrets: When He Died?

At the Age of 46, Rob’s death shocked everyone. You know Guys, life is unpredictable. No one knows what will happen ahead. It happened with Rob Strasser, suddenly his heart fail.

As per his wife’s statement, Rob Passed away due to a heart attack on 30 Oct. 1993. He was 46 years old at the time when he die.


1- What is the profession of Rob Strasser?

           Rob Strasser was a popular American business executive in Nike and Adidas Company.

2- What is his date of birth?

          According to sources, He was born in Milwaukie and I will tell you soon.

3- Did he date any girl?

           Yes, he did date Julie Strasser.

4- Did he marry Julie?

          Yes, He did marry her in 1982.

5- How many children do they have?

         They have One Girl.


In Early life, Rob Strasser is no more between us. But his wife Julie Strasser gave a statement about Rob’s death. Rob’s death will be weird for us because I didn’t know, this will happen suddenly. He has worked in his life, and that’s why became a successful man in his entire life.

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