Rocket Boys Season 3 Release Date SonyLIV: What Happened in the Previous Season of the Rocket Boys?

The OTT service in India Sony LIV made an original series called Rocket Boys, which was turned into Hindi, to show how far India has come in science and technology since it became independent. Nikkhil Advani made the show, which premiered on February 4, 2022, to a lot of praise from both viewers and reviewers. The Rocket Boys told the rest of the world about the unique past of science and technology in our country.

What is the Release Date of Rocket Boys Season 3?

The first season of Rocket Boys started on February 4, 2022. That same year, the show was picked up for a second season, but there has been no official word yet about when season 3 will be made. But the people who make the show have already said that they will talk to SonyLIV about an extension when the time is right.

What Will be the Plot of Rocket Boys Season 3?

The name Homi J. Bhaba is known by everyone. Homi J. Bhaba was a physicist who is best known for his work in the area of nuclear science. If you’ve seen Parmanu, you probably don’t know much about the 1974 Pokhran test. Homi J. Bhaba and his friend Vikram Sarabhai came up with the idea for the nuclear test flight and set it up. Both of these men did a lot to help India become the nuclear giant it is today.

The book Rocket Boys is about how Homi J. Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai’s work in the area of nuclear science and technology helped India move forward. They were the first ones to think that India shouldn’t fall behind when it came to nuclear weapons technology. At the time, most of the world’s leaders were busy building nuclear weapons for their countries. India wanted to do the program in a friendly way, but the U.S. wouldn’t let us. The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, was always trying to stop us and pick on us.

But Bhaba and Sarabhai did not fail at what they tried to do. They were the people who started the Pokhran project in 1974, and it was a success. People still remember them and will continue to do so. In the series Rocket Boys, the whole story is told.

The Cast of Rocket Boys Season 3

  • Jim Sarbh as Dr. Homi J. Bhabha
  • Ishwak Singh as Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
  • Regina Cassandra as Mrinalini Sarabhai
  • Saba Azad as Parwana Irani a.k.a. Pipsy
  • Rajit Kapur as Jawaharlal Nehru
  • T.M. Karthik as C. V. Raman
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Raza Mehdi[9]
  • Namit Das as Prosenjit Dey
  • Arjun Radhakrishnan as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • K.C. Shankar as Vishwesh Mathur
  • Neha Chauhan as Kamla Chowdhry

What Happened in Rocket Boys Season 2?

In season 2 of the show, both Homi J. Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai die in sad ways. The Americans did everything they could to stop India from doing the first nuclear test ever. As a superpower, they have always thought they could stop other countries from making progress if it threatened their place as a global power. Both Bhaba and Sarabhai were killed by the CIA. Even though it was said that both of them died of natural causes, we know that wasn’t true.

Rocket Boys Season 3 Release Date

Since Bhaba and Sarabhai are no longer alive, everyone thought India wouldn’t be able to do its first nuclear test. But the people in charge of our country didn’t let that happen. Three years after Bhaba and Sarabhai died, APJ Abdul Kalam and Indira Gandhi offered to help carry out the test.

By the end of season 2, there is more stress in the show because the Americans are beginning to doubt India’s intentions. The Americans had set up a meeting with Indira Gandhi for the day that the test was meant to happen. APJ Abdul Kalam, on the other hand, was determined to do the test on the day that was set. He didn’t care about the weather that was going on, so he came up with a plan right away to do the test using the power from the car batteries.

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So, at the end of season 2, India does its first nuclear test without telling the Americans about it. This completes the project of Homi J. Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai. The Smiling Buddha test did what it was supposed to do, and from then on, India moved quickly toward becoming one of the nuclear leaders in the world today.

Final Words

The series Rocket Boys tells the story of Homi J. Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai’s work in the area of nuclear science and technology, which helped India become the nuclear giant it is today. The Smiling Buddha test was done without telling the Americans, completing the project of Homi J. Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, leading to India becoming one of the nuclear leaders in the world.
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