Sevana Civil Registration 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility Criteria and Type of Pensions

People are having trouble getting a Sevana Civil Registration Death Certificate for many different reasons. So, we came up with our new post to solve this big problem. In this post, we talked in depth about “Sevana Civil Registration.” The most important paper is a birth or death certificate, and to make one, you need to know a lot about how the law works. In this post, we’ve shared information like the step-by-step process for Sevana Civil online Registration, how to get an online license, and more.

Sevana Civil Registration 2023

In this part, we’ve talked about the “Sevana Civil” in a basic way. So, the Civil Registration system gave people important legal details about their citizenship, age, name, parents, place of birth, financial rights, and so on. We all know that the government has records for about 92% of births and 90% of deaths. And the Kerala state government has a special place in this area.

Around 1.4 million people who left their home country live in the state of Kerala. This is a very high number. And around a hundred thousand people have been leaving Kerala every year. So the government has always asked for birth and marriage documents, and every year about half a million kids sign up for school.

Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Sevana Certificate Form 2023

  • The person applying must live in Kerala permanently and have worked in agriculture for at least 10 years.
  • The family’s annual income can’t be more than 1 lakh.
  • Age: Applicants must be at least 60 years old.
  • The person who wants to apply can’t be a service pensioner and can’t have a four-wheeled car.
  • The land can’t be bigger than 2 acres, and the person who owns it can’t get a salary from the State or Central Government.

Type of Pension under Sevana Pension Yojana

  • Indira Gandhi National Pension for Old People
  • Indira Gandhi’s Plan for Widows’ Pensions
  • Pension for farm workers
  • The Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme is for people who are mentally or physically unable to work.
  • Pension for women over 50 who are not married.

Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Sevana Pension 2023 Form

  • The application can’t have more than 2 acres of land.
  • The most a family should make in a year is 1 lakh.
  • The candidate can’t get help from any other State or Central Government. Other pensioners and people who pay taxes are also not qualified.
  • He or she shouldn’t own four-wheelers with engines bigger than 1000cc.
  • For a farm worker pension or an old age pension, the applicant must be at least 60 years old. Pension for single women over 50 years old. For other plans, there are no age limits.
  • Physical disability document from the right area (at least 40% disability).
  • Proof of death if you want a widow’s pension.

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How to Apply for LSG Kerala Sevana CR 2023?

  • First, go to the official Sevana site, the Kerala portal.
  • The home page will open in a new tab after that.
  • When you click on the application form, different choices will show up, such as – Download a PDF file of the application form for the Indira Gandhi old age pension, the Indira Gandhi national widow pension, the Indira Gandhi national disability pension, and the pension for single women over the age of 50.
  • Download the application, print it out, and fill in the information asked for.
  • Attach all supporting papers and send them to the Panchayat Municipality. The whole process will be finished and your pension will be approved within 45 days.


The Kerala state government has a special place in this area due to the high number of people who leave their home country. Eligibility criteria for Sevana Certificate Form 2023 include living in Kerala permanently, working in agriculture for at least 10 years, and having a four-wheeled car. The applicant must have 2 acres of land, make 1 lakh a year, be at least 60 years old, have a physical disability, and have proof of death.

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