SL Studio Audition 2023 Registration Online: Eligibility Criteria and Training Detail of SL Studio!

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SL Studio Audition 2023

If you want to be a K-pop star for a company like SM Entertainment or JYP test, you need to know about the SL Studio test 2023. SL Studio is making K-pop’s future. This is one of the biggest entertainment companies. It’s best known for its theme park in South Korea, which is called “Believe.” In 2019, it opened a workshop where people who want to become K-pop stars can learn how to do so. Those who want to learn how to become K-pop idols can join SL Studio. There, they will get the training they need to start a job in the K-pop industry.

If a contestant is chosen for SL Studio, they will get the training they need to make a living in the K-pop entertainment business. The instructor will train the participants at top entertainment companies like YG, SM, JYP, Leon, and Cine. With the help of these studios, the people who take part will get organized training and practice. SL Studio’s goal is to help people learn and get better outside of school.

SL Studio Training Detail 2023

If a contestant wants to work in the Koop after taking part in this SL workshop, the trainer will teach them how to do so.

So the contestants at top talent agencies like SM, YG, JYP, Leon, and Cine will learn from the in structure. Students will gain knowledge and learn how to use systems with the help of this studio. The SL studio’s main goal is to help people learn and grow outside of the classroom.

The Motive of SL Studio Audition 2023

  • The main goal of the SL studio is to give the candidates a good education where they can learn about KPop and find out what they are capable of.
  • The idea behind this SL company is to train people from the ground up so that they can be ready for the best.
  • After you join the SL studio, it can also help you find the best teacher so you can learn more for your job.
  • This SL studio also does music and event production, advertising and marketing, and manages concerts.
  • This is an artist management company that wants to help you build your business so you can realize your dreams.

SL Audition Eligibility Criteria 2023

Audition rules for SL (Second Life) can be different based on the specific audition and the rules set by the host or organizer. But there are some broad rules that might be helpful to remember:

  • Age: Second Life is an online space for people who are at least 18 years old. So, to take part in SL tryouts, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • How Your Avatar Looks: In SL interviews, how your avatar looks is important because it often shows what you look like. Make sure your image looks good for the type of audition you’re trying out for and that your outfit fits the theme of the audition.
  • Quality of Performance: If the audition needs a performance, make sure you’re ready and can give your best.
  • Communication Skills: Communication is very important in Second Life, so make sure you have good typing and spoken communication skills.
  • Availability: Check the dates and times of the meeting and make sure you’re free to take part at the right time.
  • Registration: If you need to register, follow the instructions, such as giving your model a name and putting in your time zone.

SL Studio Audition 2023 Registration

Once a month, the SL Studio holds a secret audition for the SL Studio. The SL Studio also holds a joint audition. So, a total of 14 businesses can take part during the break. To sign up for Global Online Audition Week Winter 2023, follow the steps below.

To sign up online for the SL Studio Auditions in 2023:

  • Click on the link given( And then, do what is written here.
  • “Global Online Audition Week Winter 2023” will show up. Click there.
  • The Official id for will open.
  • Go to the third IG story, “2023 G Auditions,” by clicking here.
  • Click the link that says “For foreigners (including Koreans who live abroad)”.
  • It will open a Google form. Fill out this form properly, including your Email, Name, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Height/Weight (cm/kg), Gender, SNS ID, First Nationality, Second Nationality, Applying Field (category), Company (choose the company you want, but make sure you meet their requirements first).
  • Then, add your self-introduction video, your main video, and any other videos you want.
  • After that, read the agreement, click “A” if you agree, and then send in your form.
  • This is how you can sign up for the SL Studio Audition in 2023.

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SL Studio Audition 2023 is an audition for K-pop stars to learn how to become K-pop idols. The main goal is to help people learn and grow outside of school and find the best teacher. It also does music and event production, advertising and marketing, and manages concerts. SL Audition Eligibility Criteria 2023: Age, Avatar, Quality of Performance, Communication Skills, Availability, Registration, and Secret Audition. Sign up for the SL Studio Auditions in 2023 by filling out a Google form and sending in your videos.

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