Top 5 Singers of American Idol 2023: Who Got Eliminated From American Idol 2023?

The number of people who want to be on American Idol keeps going down. Even though Oliver Steele didn’t get eliminated last week because the judges saved him, giving us the Top 8 instead of the expected Top 7, there aren’t many hopefuls left in the race. And it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Tonight, we’ll hear the five best songs.

On tonight’s show, there were some special guests who judged along with Luke Bryan. Alanis Morissette helped the artists who didn’t win by giving them advice, performing on stage, and being a guest judge. Ed Sheeran was the other exciting celebrity. He also went on stage and served as a guest judge.

Who Are the Top 5 Singers of American Idol 2023?

1. Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi’s “American Idol” performance has been seen by far the most this season. It’s been on YouTube for just over two months, but 15 million people have already watched it. Tongi, who is 18 and from Hawaii, sang “Monsters” by James Blunt at his audition. He dedicated the song to his father, who had died a few months before the audition.

Tongi told the “Idol” judges that he got into singing because of his father. He let his feelings show in his performance, and Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were moved to tears by the way he sang the song. Tongi got emotional as he sang his last note, but he had already shown the judges that he would be a strong contender in the “Idol” competition.

2. Megan Danielle

Megan Danielle, a 20-year-old singer from Georgia, got the biggest surprise of her life when she auditioned for “Idol” with Lauren Daigle’s “You Say”: Daigle, who had previously appeared on “Idol,” ended up joining her audition and singing along.

During her “Idol” tryout, Danielle, who works with her mom at a Southern restaurant, told the judges that she was in a band when she was 18 and often sang in bars. But one day, she said, her grandfather pulled her aside and asked her how she could use her ability to serve God. The singer decided to switch to singing Christian music.

With Daigle by her side, the judges gave Danielle comments. They liked how real she was. In particular, Bryan said that Danielle had “a real honest rawness.” Danielle was a contestant on Season 18 of “The Voice,” but she was kicked off in the semifinals.

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3. Colin Stough

Colin Stough, 18, is from a small town in Mississippi. He made it to the “Idol” judges because his mom signed him up to try out for the show. Stough, who wants to put the small town of Gattman, Mississippi, on the map, sang “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and blew away all of the judges.

His mom, who was outside the room during the show, then came in and told the judges a little more about him. She said that Stough asked for his first guitar when he was in the fifth grade, and now they have so many guitars that they can’t fit them all in their house.

4. Wé Ani

We think that Ani could make a living as a recording artist for Disney because of how high her voice is. All of the “Idol” judges were surprised when a singer from Harlem, New York, started to sing Demi Lovato’s “Anyone” in a deep, rich voice. Perry said, “Way to throw a curve ball,” but none of the judges hesitated to send the singer on to the next round.

Ani was a contestant on Season 11 of “The Voice,” where she joined Team Alicia Keys after all four coaches turned their chairs during her blind performance. She came in third on that season’s show.

5. Zachariah Smith

Zachariah Smith is from the same part of Mississippi as fellow “Idol” contestant Stough. For his tryout, he sang “Hurts So Good” by John Mellencamp with a lot of energy. During his performance, the 19-year-old singer couldn’t stop smiling, and his stage personality won over all of the judges.

“You have a rasp, you have a growl, and then on top of it you’re having so much fun,” Richie said.

Who Got Eliminated From American Idol 2023?

  • Haven Madison, 17 from Tennessee
  • Oliver Steele, 25 from Tennessee
  • Warren Peay, 24 from South Carolina

Since there are now fewer and fewer contestants and the end of American Idol 2023 is getting closer, there will not be a new episode on May 8. The ABC show won’t be back until Disney Night on May 14 next Sunday. The Top 5 will sing live at Disneyland Resort to get votes from people at home and a chance to go to the final. Next week is a big one because we’ll find out who makes it into the Top 3! What do you think will happen?


Iam Tongi and Megan Danielle are the top singers of American Idol 2023, with Iam Tongi’s performance and Megan Danielle’s surprise audition with Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” being the most watched. Colin Stough, Wé Ani, Zachariah Smith, Haven Madison, Oliver Steele, and Warren Peay were all eliminated from American Idol 2023. The Top 5 will sing live at Disneyland Resort to get votes and a chance to go to the final.

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