Where to Watch Mirzapur Season 3? Release Date and Trailer Update for Upcoming Season

You must be looking for the release of the new season of your favorite series Mirzapur. And curiosity is a must…..because the 1st two seasons were very enthralling and received huge love from the audience.

So in today’s article, I will quench your thirst for the forthcoming Mirzapur Season 3 and will provide you with some amazing details about it.

What is the Release Date of Mirzapur Season 3?

Mirzapur series, a mix of crime, action, and thriller genres is an enthralling and amazing series. The series released its 1st season in 2018 in the month of November and its second season in October of the year 2020. The 3rd season is yet to be released.

No official premiering date has been set for its 3rd season but the sources have anticipated that it might get aired in Summer 2023. If we talk more precisely then the speculated release date is in the month of June.

So stay connected with us and we will update you with all official details of the series.

Where to Watch Mirzapur Season 3?

Mirzapur season 3 release date


You can have the pleasure of this amazing series on Amazon Prime Video, a subscription-based platform. The 1st two seasons of the web series were also streamed on Amazon Prime, therefore if you haven’t watched it yet or missed out on any episode then you can watch it on Amazon Prime anytime and at any place.

Has the Trailer Released for Mirzapur Season 3?

No, the makers have not released any trailers for Mirzapur Season 3. We will provide you with the trailer if officially released. Stay connected with us and keep reaching our site.

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Who will be cast for Mirzapur Season 3?

Mirzapur season 3 release date


So far, the first two seasons had a similar cast except for a few characters. Thus, in the 3rd season also it is assumed that most of the cast will reprise their roles. Why don’t we have a look at those predicted characters?

Actor Name Character Name
Pankaj Tripathi Akhandanand Tripathi
Ali Fazal Govind Pandit aka Guddu
Vijay Verma Bharat Tyagi
Rasika Duggal Bina Tripathi
Vivaan Singh Neelam Satyanand Tripathi
Lilliput Devdutt Tyagi aka Dadda
Isha Talwar Madhuri Yadav Tripathi
Shahnawaz Pradhan Parshuram Gupta
Rajesh Tailang Ramakant Pandit
Sheeba Chadda Vasudha Pandit
Harshita Gaur Dimpy Pandit
Anjum Sharma Sharad Shukla
Shaji Chaudhary Maqbool Khan
Shernavaz Jijina Shabnam
Pramod Pathak JP Yadav

How many episodes are there in Mirzapur season 3?

Till now, the series has a total of 19 episodes –

  • Season 1:9 episodes
  • Season 2:10 episodes

The number of episodes in 3rd season is not declared as of now but similar to the first two seasons the third season might also have near about 10 episodes. 

So now, move on to examine the next set of details.

What will be the Storyline of Mirzapur Season 3? (spoiler alert)

The directors haven’t disclosed any hints about the upcoming plot but the audience or we can say fans of the series have their own assumptions about the storyline. 

It is anticipated that the series will continue from where it ended. In the last season, Munna Bhaiya was shot dead by Guddu Pandit in the chest and thus CM of UP(Munna’s wife) became the widow.

mirzapur season 3


The violence even caused damage to the carpets. However, the animosity between the characters persists as a new storyline unfolds in season three. You will get to see that all people have grudges against Guddu Pandit. In addition to this, the fight for the Throne of Mirzapur will be seen among Sharad Shukla, Munna’s wife, and Kaleen Bhaiya.

Thus, we can expect a lot of gruesome, rivalry in season 3.

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What are the Ratings of Mirzapur Season 3?

The series has received huge love from the audiences and that’s why releasing continuous sequels. It has been rated 8.5/10  on IMDb and has an audience score of 82% and 78% for Seasons 1 and 2 respectively. This might give you a clear assumption of how people embraced the series.


In a nutshell, the series is soon going to air its 3rd season but no official announcement has been made yet. It is expected to be premiered in Summer 2023. So let’s wait together to have the pleasure of it and cherish our leisure time watching it.

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